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Whether you prefer a workout partner with a wealth of knowledge or your simply looking to gain a  competitive edge, a personal trainer is always the best choice. With Paradise Fit, you'll get safe and effective exercises that will maximize your weight loss and/or muscle gain. My one-on-one training programs will safely guide and effectively motivate you to train towards your physical fitness goals, which could include losing weight, building muscle, increasing core strength, or improving cardiovascular fitness. The programs are customized towards your age, body type, and ability with incremental progression towards building a new you! We will train at Backyard Barbell in Elba, NY or through a private ZOOM video call. 


Get all of the benefits of having a experienced personal trainer at your finger tips! I have a full customizable program built just for you on a phone app! TrueCoach allows me to build personalized programs to fit your fitness needs and send it to you through an easy-to-use app. I have created/loaded exercise demo videos for each workout so you can safely and effectively workout at any gym or even from home. You can send me form check videos, check and log nutrition, and log progress so we can ensure you reach your goals!


Eating healthy can be seem difficult and confusing if you're paying attention to the newest news story or diet trend. Believe it or not, healthy food can be delicious and well balanced! I will help break down the science behind nutrition so you have a developed understanding to ensure you can still utilize your freedom of choice with meal selection. Your success is my success.  


Meal planning sounds tedious right? Life gets so busy that we don't have time to prep and prepare meals all day and night. The preparation involved alone with finding healthy, yet delicous recipes, creating lists, menus, groceryshopping, etc... Well let me do all the macro math, the recipe digging, and grocery lists to ensure you and your family are eating enjoyable and delicious meals that are time friendly for even the busiest of schedules. My meal plans will help you simplify your life and will ensure you and your family are eating well balanced and nutritious meals that even the kiddos will enjoy. Adult tested, kiddo approved.  

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