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by : Macy Paradise

Have you ever found yourself making excuses for not eating healthy?

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I hear all sorts of excuses from my clients. Some of my favorites listed below:

  • “Healthy food tastes like cardboard.”

  • “Eating healthy is boring.”

  • “Water doesn’t taste like anything.”

  • “I’m never thirsty for water.”

  • “I hate water.”

Before I really started my own health and fitness journey, you probably would’ve heard some of these same excuses coming out of my mouth. What truly helped me change my unhealthy mindset into a healthy lifestyle was a simple mental shift during the start of my own journey.

I was 95lbs overweight in 2014 with all the same assumptions that most folks have. If I just exercise an hour a day for a few days a week, I’ll lose weight. I started walking, jogging, and eventually found a gym and started to use machines that I had no clue how to use. I started noticing subtle changes after my first couple months but wanted more results faster. This is where my journey truly started.

I started diving deep into scholarly article after article about macro nutrients, proper nourishment for overall health, caloric deficits, water consumption, etc. and started to apply it to my journey. I watched YouTube video after YouTube video and started learning programming and exercise techniques from so many different professionals. All of a sudden I had a healthy obsession with health and training my body for optimal performance. Fast forward 6 months and 80lbs of body fat lost and I was in the best shape of my life and never looked back! Enough about me though, back to the topic at hand.

One of the best pieces of advice I collected over that period of time that has stuck with me over 8 years later:

  • Do things that make you feel good in the span of the day, not things that make you feel good in the next 44 seconds…

Here’s an example: That donut or piece of pizza may taste great on your tongue while you scarf it down but how does it make you feel minutes or even hours later? Will you be productive as you're dragging ass through the rest of your day?

Instead, wake up and drink a couple bottles of water, eat a balanced breakfast and honestly see how that affects you in the hours ahead.

If you don’t eat breakfast, drink plenty of water throughout the day until lunch time and then eat a healthy lunch. Even if it’s one day at a time…

We are all grown up. Find a way to get some fruits and vegetables in your diet. Find a way to drink a gallon of water a day.

You’re really willing to throw your life away and share your negative mindset with your kids over 5-10 minutes of instant gratification?

Ultimately, you are what you eat and drink. You want the things you do to bring you the greatest amount of good, not just for the moment, but over your entire lifespan. Overall health and body nourishment are the single most important objectives you could accomplish throughout your day and in your life. Especially for your longevity and ensuring your kids don’t grow up with the same mindset we did when we were younger. Without our lives, nothing else truly matters because you won’t be around to fulfill it.


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